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We promise to challenge your everyday thinking


We will challenge your everyday thinking. We look forward to changing perceptions, thought processes and influencing positive thoughts.

We promise to have fun, when it is appropriate

We believe you learn so much more when you are having fun. When appropriate, a good laugh can provoke discussion, motivate and form stronger relationships. 

We promise to be inclusive throughout

Through adaptive delivery and a coaching style, our aim is always to maximise participation, enhance the learning experience and captivate the group as a whole.

Developing someone to approach a colleague who is experiencing a mental health issue, supporting the employee who is aiming to achieve more at work saving a stranger's life using CPR is what motivates SO Coach to deliver every time.

We train and coach open minded people to be themselves, grow their confidence and help others. We love nothing more than to support people to be their best self as often as possible and motivate them to achieve things beyond their expectations.


We live at such a pace that sometimes we would all benefit from taking a breath, interacting with the people that matter and reflecting on how we can refocus our attention to self-care.

Coaching & training to motivate you, develop you and focus you to go further!

Great presentation and delivery, overall a fun course and very informative
Coaching Others Course
~ David, Senior Operative ~
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