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We cannot wait to welcome you on a course

We promise to make your experience challenging, We promise to include you throughout and we promise it will be a good laugh, when it's appropriate!

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SO Coach was started in 2017 when Simon was made redundant and had a dream.

He got to work and built a website, got a first aid course booked in and then off he went to places he never expected to be. SO Coach has since gone from strength to strength. 

Simon says:

"I have never had a business plan. My only mission is to deliver every course to the best of my ability. Make every course special, memorable, helpful and have a great laugh along the way. I want people to book again and come back. To do that every contact I make has to mean something, has to create a moment of magic.

Our courses aren't boring, they aren't predictable and they leave a lasting impression. 

I would love it if they saved a few lives too. Whether it's First Aid at Work, Paediatric First Aid, Baby First Aid or Mental Health First Aid, the impact can be lifechanging and lifesaving.

My only hope is that SO Coach will be in business tomorrow and I promise to do all that I can to make it happen.

Amy has joined the business and now I have a massive problem, she is a better first aid trainer than I am, she is amyazing."

My favourite quote is, 'Little by little, one travels far', J. R. R. Tolkien. I love it because it is so true, when I focus, I fly.

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I have been a hairdresser, a farm hand, a sales executive, a supermarket manager, an NVQ assessor, a bar tender, an L&D consultant, a recruitment manager, a business coach, a first aid instructor and now a 'Lee Evans' lookalike.

I am known for my 'dad jokes' and that will never end, I promise it won't because I can't, it's my biggest addiction. I am dependent on them and they help me through life.

My other quest is to try to make nobody see me and leave without feeling happier. It doesn't always work, I will keep doing my best though.

I am 40+ now and I still have no clue what I want to be when I grow up.

Don't be shy get in touch:

I am Amyazing and I say 'mate' loads. I qualified as a paediatric nurse in 2001 and have worked in the lovely jubbly NHS for over twenty years.

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Whilst being busy doing lifesaving and stuff, I have worked within many areas of New-born and child health including Intensive Care, surgery, emergency transfers and stabilisation.


My expertise in the last few years has concentrated on education, staff development and training. Including the creation of a simulation programme improving the standard and quality of care delivered. I was well chuffed with it and feel so proud of all I have achieved so far.


It is amazing to be a qualified First Aid Instructor and now be working for SO Coach delivering many different courses including Paediatric First Aid and Baby First Aid.

I have developed the Baby First Aid sessions from scratch. I make sure that they are fun, educational and are designed with the whole family in mind.


The aim of all the sessions I deliver is to give anyone looking after babies and young children the skills needed to save a life. I want to share as much as I can, whenever I can.

I would love to hear from you:

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Very helpful, Amy was lovely and listened, very understanding. I feel more equipped to deal with emergency situations!
Baby First Aid Course