Simon Osborne - SO Coach


Meet Simon

I promise to make your experience challenging, I promise to include you throughout and I promise it will be a good laugh, when it's appropriate!
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Mental Health First Aid Instructor

My experiences in the past are the reason why I am a Mental Health First Aid Instructor. I have experienced depression, anxiety and self-medication, all whilst hiding behind the façade that is the 'Lee Evans' lookalike. Smiley, extrovert and oblivious to my illnesses. I was not in a good place and help would've been amazing, a Mental Health First Aider would've been life changing.

Physical First Aid Instructor

The perfect complement to Mental Health First Aid. Physical first aid is often described as boring and tedious, not with me. I promise to add some 'life' to learning life-saving techniques.

My Passion


With 20 years experience, I am now full of achievement when I am enabling growth in people, creating strategies that are full of impact, thought provoking and exciting. I have a sensitive awareness when coaching, training and developing people. I bring others along and strive to encourage people to be the best they can be. My passion is being myself, happy, inspirational and keeping it simple.


My design and delivery is structured, I utilise a blended learning approach and that's always on-brand, fresh, relevant, engaging and fun.


I am an advanced user of Microsoft Office and other design software; I focus their use on creating impact, complementing learning styles, gaining feedback and maintaining return on investment.

I was once told by an amazing person in business, a short statement that I will never forget and will repeat for the rest of my days, it went something like this, "Business is serious, very serious. If we can achieve doing business with a smile on our face, it becomes a whole lot easier and more enjoyable". I now share a very similar philosophy, we all should smile, we all should appreciate happy, we all should communicate, and do business, like we did in the good old days.