"It’s the ability to lead, to make things happen, maximise resources and inspire."

Coaching Course

Don't reinvent their wheel, let them grow, get their workload container at the correct level and they will flourish.

Coaching courses should never be prescriptive, join us and we will ask effective questions of the participants. 

Stretch them, challenge them, create a goal, make a commitment and demonstrate the very best of coaching!

Everybody up, listen, jump out of your seat and be motivated...

Coach for the day

Robots find it very difficult to coach. They tell, tell, tell and when they know the answer they take control and provide all the answers.

Take a different approach to coaching. Use tools that aren't prescriptive, that are asking the right questions to create the right journey.

Coach people to think for themselves, learn faster and help others.

Share the love, praise when deserved, develop when required and tell the truth.

Don't doubt the reward you will feel when coaching is effective!

1-2-1 Coaching

Bespoke, consultative and unique. A 'down to earth' style.

The approach utilised during a session with SO Coach is one to motivate ambition, question possibilities and enhance your skills.

Think new, think real, think now, think future.

Make your changes, decide to behave how you would love to behave, believe you can do it and break the mould.

Put your phone down and communicate, don't 'e-mither', have a chat instead. Challenge the everyday, choose a different parking space, celebrate a new routine. Feel fresh, feel exhilarated; go for it.

Release things, realise things, be assertive, say 'no' (appropriately) and escape from the 'kind regards'.

We won't push you over the edge, saying that, we will push you and challenge you to be your best self.

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