8 Great Books...

Updated: Mar 30

I am often asked about my favourite books when delivering Mental Health First Aid.

Part 1: My top 8 right now...

1. Matt Haig - Notes on a Nervous Planet

The first book and probably the most influential book of my new chapter. This book genuinely changed the direction of my life in 2018. I love it, especially page 110 (now you have to read it 🤣)

Other books by Matt Haid - Reasons to Stay Alive, Evie and the Animals, How to Sop Time and more.

2. Charles Mackesy - The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse

Because it's gorgeous, every page is a new lesson in life!

3. Andy Cope & Andy Whittaker - The Art of Being Brilliant

It's really simple to describe this book, a journey in how to be brilliant, it's great, every page has a snippet of joy. Love it

4. Edward Monkton - The Friends

The Friends isn't my favourite book by Edward Monkton, my favourite is the Pig of Happiness (video below), I haven't got a copy because I gave it away 😉

5. Matthew Johnstone - I Had a Black Dog

Having experienced depression and everything that comes with it, this book and video is amazing at explaining the process, the signs, the symptoms and some gorgeous nuggets of information to help someone. Living with a Black Dog is equally as good and as important. Recommended for education and more...

6. Fearne Cotton - Happy

Honest, open and brilliant, I respect Fearne Cotton for her achievements. Her other books i have read are great too.

7. Paul McGee - SUMO

In 6 months time how bad will it be? An amazing question to ask and very helpful, for that one reason, it has to go on my list 👍 (local to me too and follows me on Twitter)

8. Simon Sinek - The Infinate Game

Because I love him, I love the way he thinks and the way he writes. Follow him on social media if you are a leader. Why Leaders Eat Last is brilliant!

As promised - The Pig of Happiness by Edward Monkton

To finish is a snippet from Matt Haig, Notes on a Nervous Planet:

An ode to social media

When anger trawls the internet,

Looking for a hook;

It's time to disconnect,

And go read a book.

Enjoy the books! Part 2 will be coming soon 🤞
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