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So many books, so little time...

I am often asked about my favourite books when delivering Mental Health First Aid.

Heres 8 great books!

1. Matt Haig - Notes on a Nervous Planet

The first book and probably the most influential book of my new chapter. This book genuinely changed the direction of my life in 2018. I love it, especially page 110 (now you have to read it 🤣)

Other books by Matt Haid - Reasons to Stay Alive, Evie and the Animals, How to Sop Time and more.

2. Charles Mackesy - The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse

Because it's gorgeous, every page is a new lesson in life!

3. Andy Cope & Andy Whittaker - The Art of Being Brilliant

It's really simple to describe this book, a journey in how to be brilliant, it's great, every page has a snippet of joy. Love it

4. Matthew Walker - Why We Sleep

You will never think about your night's sleep in the same way, ever 😉

5. James Norbury - Big Panda & Tiny Dragon

Gorgeous gift, great reading and amazing artwork. Your Sunday afternoon will fly by.

6. Fearne Cotton - Happy

Honest, open and brilliant, I respect Fearne Cotton for her achievements. Her other books i have read are great too.

7. Paul McGee - SUMO

In 6 months time how bad will it be? An amazing question to ask and very helpful, for that one reason, it has to go on my list 👍 (local to me too and follows me on Twitter)

8. Simon Sinek - The Infinate Game

Because I love him, I love the way he thinks and the way he writes. Follow him on social media if you are a leader. Why Leaders Eat Last is brilliant!


To finish is a snippet from Matt Haig, Notes on a Nervous Planet:

An ode to social media

When anger trawls the internet,
Looking for a hook;
It's time to disconnect,
And go read a book.

Enjoy the books!

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