My Realisation...

Life is amazing 😀😀😀 when: I realised what I am doing today could've helped me in the past...

Simon's Realisation

Let me explain; In about 2004/5/6, Mental Health First Aid didn't really exist. At the time, I was living through my mental health experience, right in the middle of it. The face you see now was the face you saw then, smiley and Lee Evans(ish).

In reality,
I was the opposite for the majority of the time and especially after a beer, a few beers, lots of beer.

A Mental Health First Aider might have done exactly that, provided first aid, approached me with a 'how are you?', a 'how can I help?', a chance to open up. I could've talked about it, been listened to, without being judged and without being bombarded with, 'man up' and 'come on, cheer up'.

So there you go,

life is amazing when I realised what I am doing today could've helped me in the past, and/or, the future 👍

Have a great day...


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