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I have never blogged before, but here we go...

Life is amazing when:

I feel fantastic enough to share that it has been a year since my career change:

Simon Osborne Profile Picture
Simon Osborne at SO Coach

End of Sep 2017 – Position made redundant...

Achievements since:

* Searched for how to buy a domain

* Discovered how to build a website

* Realised the self-employed bug

Began to dream big...

“I always knew I would start my own business, SO Coach definitely came earlier than expected.”

* Began to dream big

* Launched gift shop,

* Launched SO Coach:

* SO Coach registered as a Ltd Company – SO Coach & Train Ltd

* Became a Physical First Aid Instructor

* SO Coach became a Qualsafe Accredited First Aid Centre

* Became a Mental Health First Aider

* Learnt that men can cry

* Read the best book I have ever read – Matt Haig, Notes on a Nervous Planet (life changer)

* Learnt that I have experienced mental health issues, that I will never fully recover and that I will live successfully with them. Found strategies that work for me, you can too

* Became a Mental Health First Aid Instructor

* Advertised SO Coach’s first open courses:

* Maintained being a half decent father & husband

* Became proud of these achievements

* Became very excited about the future

* + loads more to come

Those big dreams; “GO GET ‘EM…"

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