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SO Coach's Feedback

SO Coach ran a course in Warrington at the Hallmark Hotel.

The feedback always surprises me!

We were talking about mental health and it was the run up to Christmas. Party spirits were high and yet we were talking about subjects that were emotive, personal and far from the festive related good times.

SO Coach - Warrington - Professionally Delivered

The group was fantastic and and we had some great laughs as well as some very honest, open and reflective discussions.

Really professionally delivered. Would highly recommend Simon
SO Coach - MHFA Warrington

The group was so diverse too, there were two people from Tenerife, people from the construction industry, charities and PLC's. The group forged a brilliant bond during the two day course.

Really well delivered, engaging course

SO Coach - Warrington MHFA Feedback

I would like to thank the group for their levels of participation, confidentiality and understanding throughout. It really was a great and successful two day Mental Health First Aid course.

I loved every second...


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