May the 40th be with you...

So I turned 40 this month!

Simon turns 40...
SO Coach, the big 40

I have had an amazing time!

This is definitely a period of my life that makes me more scared than ever, more motivated than ever and more excited than ever.

Well done everyone!
SO Coach, Warrington May 2019

It is also a time when I can now be myself, during the Mental Health First Aid courses I talk about being 'Lee Evans', even when Simon was not happy, was not well and had been to a place where I definitely wouldn't want to return to. 🤞

I am now ready to be Simon, always, to be truthful, to be open, to be honest and to be confident that what I am doing is brilliant!

The next few months are busier than ever.

Well done everyone!
SO Coach Chester May 2019

So here we go, June and July are fantastically busy with some massive surprises to come and I cannot wait!

I have turned the page and here begins a new chapter...